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Unsecured business loans are a great funding option for businesses that don’t own many assets, or for any company that’s growing fast and needs finance quickly. Our proprietary platform matches your loan requirement with the right lender for your business in no time, speeding up the process when you apply for a business loan online through CreditEnable. Every small business enterprise requires financial help at some point. The majority of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) generally need financial assistance when they are growing horizontally or vertically. This requirement can be for raw material purchase, infrastructure development, or fulfilling operating expenses. It is at the discretion of the business from where they decide to borrow money, as per their needs and priorities. However, businesses also have the option of obtaining funds from different borrowing instruments. MSME loan are unsecured loans offered by various financial institutions to meet business-related expenditures on credit. It is to be noted that, such msme loan come with explicit eligibility criteria to reduce the risk ratio for the lenders. RBI and the Indian government define such msme loan as, the loans offered to businesses for support in terms of infrastructure, finance, and other sectors. MSME loan are also referred to as SME (small and medium enterprise) loans. Usually, these msme loan are granted to small business owners, startup owners, and women entrepreneurs with subjective loan tenure. Here are some of the salient features, benefits, eligibility, and smart usage of MSME loan funds.